5 Easy Ways to Defeat Blog Writer’s Block

by Kellie Harrington, April 16, 2018

Writer’s block for bloggers is one of the first concerns I hear from my clients.  They ask me:  “How do I come up with a new topic idea?”.   “How do I say the same thing over and over?”  Here are 5 quick tips that will create a plethora of blog ideas that will be effective, engaging and most important, will cure your writer’s block!

  1. Write a series – around a specific topic in your field of expertise that your reader will find useful, i.e., as an online marketer and social media expert I am posting tips on how to write an effective blog to engage an audience. I could go on and write a follow-up post that addressed how to best apply these principles to social media posts.
  2. Share stories – when you demonstrate an idea through a mental visual of a story, it has more staying power in the mind of your reader. Stories can often make a vague concept more tangible.
  3. Make it personal – here’s where you come in – share from your own experience. Relate to your audience and connect with them. Remember, you want to build a relationship with your readers, so they will want to hear about you. People listen to people they like.
  4. Engage your audience – let them know you would like to hear their opinions and viewpoints. Invite them to respond by asking a specific question or by running a poll. You can follow-up in your next post highlighting some of the key responses and comments based on the feedback from a specific article.  You then have the opportunity to engage directly to their responses within the blog.
  5. Guest posts – utilize your network of referral business associates and promote together by having them contribute to your blog; or have different employees from various departments or areas of proficiency do a write up to add more value to your readers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone else write up an article for your blog from time to time?

Use each one of these ideas to create just three topics and you will have nearly four months of weekly blog posts!

I welcome any insights or input you would like to share about what you’ve found helpful and effective in writing your own posts. I am always learning, and I’m sure the other readers would appreciate your tips too. You can leave a comment below. Thanks, and until next time – stay well!

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