What to Say About Yourself in Your Blog & Social Media

by Kellie Harrington, March 16, 2018

Answer: Very little.

“Very little?”, you ask? You may also be thinking, “I thought this was the opportunity for me to tout my skills and expertise- the time to tell the world what it is I have to offer and to prove that I can deliver.”  You can still do this, but use a more subtle approach.   Position yourself as the expert and share valuable advice and helpful solutions that your readers can use and learn from. They’ll figure out how great you are for themselves – and it will be much more effective.

“How do I do that?”, you may ask.  Start by thinking about what your clients or customers look to you for.  What service or knowledge do you have to offer that they are willing to pay for? Then write about those topics with the goal of informing and educating your audience.  When the time comes for them to bring someone in to help them in these areas, they will think of you.

Once you have finally put your words to paper, a.k.a., keypad, and you have provided helpful content to your readers, be sure to share your blog with its tips and advice through your email newsletter.

Your email newsletter should link to the actual blog article on your website to help drive traffic there. Finally, share across your social media stream where your readers are most likely to be: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

I welcome any insights or input you would like to share about what you’ve found helpful and effective in writing your own posts. I am always learning, and I’m sure the other readers would appreciate your tips too. You can leave a comment below. Thanks, and until next time – stay well!

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