The Secret to Searchability is in Your Hands!

by Lisa DiOrio, April 26, 2018

Getting noticed online is one of the biggest concerns of most business owners.  Here is the problem: you have a website, but no one seems to be able to find your business.  The issue can be determined right in your hands.  Look at the site on your cell phone.  Is it easy to read?  Do you need to pinch and swipe left and right to see everything.  If so, your website may not be mobile friendly.

Why does this matter?  Because mobile search engines will ignore a website if it is not mobile friendly and mobile searches now account for over 50% of all searches.  That means you lose half of your potential audience by not being mobile friendly!  There is an easy way to know for sure.  Use this link: and enter your site’s web address.  If your result looks like the image below, then congratulations, you have passed the mobile friendly test for mobile searches!

If you are not mobile friendly, ask one of the professionals from M&S Digital to review your site design and determine the best way to help you get a mobile friendly bill of health!

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